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The entrepreneurship support staff in MTU work closely with a number of student led societies that promote entrepreneurship on campus with activities such as competitions, guest speakers and workshops. The Hincks Centre has taken a lead role in the introduction and progression of the Enactus MTU initiative on the Bishopstown campus.

Established in 2015, Enactus MTU (formerly CIT) is headed up by a core team, structured as a Committee and supported by project leaders within the team who are in charge of deliverables for the chosen projects. The Society is focused on people and revenue impacts and making improvements for individuals and communities alike. Projects are chosen with this in mind. Projects are chosen at a committee level and also at a collaborative team level using brainstorming as well as industry influencers to help choose projects to pursue.

Enactus MTU is a fantastic opportunity for all MTU students! Enactus MTU encourages student engagement and empowerment through taking ownership of projects to positively impact and improve the lives of others in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way. The Society also benefits students in terms of career opportunities, improving their skills through involvement and also making connections with corporate partners. Enactus encourages students from all disciplines to get involved and take action.


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