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STEM Valorise Project Newsletters

Raising entrepreneurial competences of researchers to develop a new generation of STEM researchers empowered to make a stronger impact on society through the valorisation of their research.



  • Issue 1: The first issue of the STEM Valorise e-zine gives an insight into the project, discusses lighthouse stories and talks about valorisation and how the project will contribute to STEM valorisation. The e-zine also introduces the project partners. May, 2021.
  • Issue 2: This issue contains updates from the project, Lighthouse Stories and some Special Topics including a view of the professionals from Ireland on STEM Valorisation. November 2021.
  • Issue 3: Issue 3 provides an update on the latest project activities, including insights into the stakeholders involved in STEM valorisation and the TTO at Istanbul Technical University. Additionally, it presents an example of a training programme that helps researchers development important skills for valorisation. June 2022.
  • Issue 4: Issue 4 outlines what research valorisation entails, and provides examples of researchers that are putting valorisation into practice and bringing value to society through their work. Here we also reflect on the successful outcome of the STEM_Valorise Researcher Training Programme. December 2022.
  • Valorisation Special Issue Magazine: This special issue includes an article selection that reflects how valorisation as a process can be supported and how academics can be made aware of this topic as something that can complement and endorse their work. Here we have highlighted only a fraction of the successful and inspirational stories around valorisation. Read insights on how we can raise support and awareness for valorisation, as well as inspiring stories of valorisation and initiative pushing for greater impact. January 2023.




Further information on this Erasmus+KA2 funded project is available here.

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