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STEM Valorise

The STEM Valorise project will target technical universities and their first stage STEM researchers located in partner countries. It will offer critical insights into valorisation in STEM as well as provide educational means for HEIs to train their STEM researchers in valorisation and entrepreneurship. By raising entrepreneurial competences of researchers, the project will ultimately develop a new generation of STEM researchers empowered to make a stronger impact on society through the valorisation of their research. The project aims to develop STEM valorisation capabilities within HEIs at a European level owing to the interrelated nature of research networks within European countries. Thus, it is important that the project operate transnationally.



The main objectives of the project are to:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs for valorisation and research-driven entrepreneurship training for first stage STEM researchers;
  • Examine and disseminate the best practices of valorisation training offerings for researchers;
  • Profile and showcase successful as well as unsuccessful stories and experiences of the STEM academic entrepreneurs;
  • Design a modularised valorisation training programme and toolkit for first stage STEM researchers.

The 24 month, Erasmus+ KA2 funded project kicked-off virtually on January 22, 2021.

In January 2022, The Valorisation Synthesis Training Investigation Report was published. One of the first major outputs of the STEM Valorise project, it describes the pressing need for valorisation and research-driven entrepreneurship training for first stage Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) researchers. The full report is available by clicking here.

The Hincks Centre hosted the STEM Valorise Multiplier Event on September 12, 2022. The webinar, entitled Unlock the Value of Your STEM Research, summarised the STEM Valorise project findings and provided an overview of the project's cutting-edge training programme created for STEM Researchers with an interest in increasing the societal impact of their work. The pilot training programme, scheduled to run from October to December 2022, was designed to measure and maximise the value derived from research. Here is the recording of the event:





The Valorisation training programme

The STEM Valorise Researcher Training is a 10-week programme which will help extend the reach of STEM research beyond academia. The programme is aimed at Masters, PhD, Post-doctorate students and early career researchers conducting STEM research at higher education institutions based in Turkey, France or Ireland or affiliated with a higher education institution in these countries. The free, pilot training programme will run online every Thursday from 09:00 to 10:30, October 6th to December 8th 2022. The brochure is available here. For programme schedule and registration please go to: For queries, please contact




STEM Valorise in the Hincks Centre's news

Keep up to date with project developments, activities and events. Below are links to the STEM_Valorise articles as seen in the News section of our website.


STEM Project E-Zine

In May 2021, the project launched its first newsletter - the STEM Project Ezine. The e-zine tells the STEM Valorise story as the project progresses.

  • Issue 1: The first issue of the e-zine gives an insight into the project, discusses lighthouse stories and talks about valorisation and how the project will contribute to STEM valorisation. The e-zine also introduces the project partners. May 2021.
  • Issue 2: This issue contains updates from the project, Lighthouse Stories and some Special Topics including a view of the professionals from Ireland on STEM Valorisation. November 2021.
  • Issue 3: Issue 3 provides an update on the latest project activities, including insights into the stakeholders involved in STEM valorisation and the TTO at Istanbul Technical University. Additionally, it presents an example of a training programme that helps researchers development important skills for valorisation. June 2022.
  • Issue 4: Issue 4 outlines what research valorisation entails, and provides examples of researchers that are putting valorisation into practice and bringing value to society through their work. Here we also reflect on the successful outcome of the STEM_Valorise Researcher Training Programme. December 2022.
  • Valorisation Special Issue Magazine: This special issue includes an article selection that reflects how valorisation as a process can be supported and how academics can be made aware of this topic as something that can complement and endorse their work. Here we have highlighted only a fraction of the successful and inspirational stories around valorisation. Read insights on how we can raise support and awareness for valorisation, as well as inspiring stories of valorisation and initiative pushing for greater impact. January 2023.


Partner Locations



The lead partner is Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, with other partners from:

  • Munster Technological University (MTU), Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence and Extended Campus, Cork, Ireland;
  • University Industry Innovation Network BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
  • Institut Mines Telecom Business School, Évry-Courcouronnes, France.




Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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